Jordan Map & Sites A host of prophets graced Jordan by living in or traveling through Jordan, these include Nuh (Noah), Lut(Lot), El-Khedr (St. George), Ibrahim (Abraham), Ilyas (Elijah), Hud, Shu’ayb (Jethro), Yosha’ (Joshua) his tomb near Salt, Musa (Moses) the site of his death on Mount Nebo, Harun (Aaron) his tomb in Petra, Dawud (David) his Shrine in Mazar Al-Shamali near Kerak, Sulayman (Solomon), Ayyub (Job),Yahya (John), Eesa (Jesus), and prophet Mohammad, Peace and blessing be upon them All. Jordan Map & Sites […]

A “Jordanian invitation” means that you are expected to bring nothing and eat everything. Jordanian cuisine is a traditional style of food preparation originating from Jordan that has developed from centuries of social and political change with roots starting in the Paleolithic period (c. 90,000 BC). There is wide variety in Jordanian cuisine, ranging from […]