Jordan culture and traditions Jordan’s culture is a pleasant jumble of old and new, and Amman( its capital) has rapidly become one of the most sophisticated cities in the Middle East. Jordan culture and traditions Jordan can be regarded for a typically Arab country for its people are very warm, friendly and hospitable. Jordanians are typically […]

Coffee in Jordan – Art and Culture Coffee is more than merely a drink; in Jordan it is surrounded with custom and treated with reverence. It is not only a symbol of hospitality and trust, it is a traditional sign of respect and a way to bring people together. Black, cardamom flavored Arabic coffee, also know […]

Bedouin tradition values home cooking over eating out. As a consequence, most of Jordan’s restaurants are simple places serving straightforward fare. Excellent restaurants do exist, but must be sought out. Unadventurous travellers can easily find themselves stuck in a rut of low-quality falafel and kebabs, departing the country never having tasted the best of what’s on […]

Weather in Jordan Weather in Jordan Jordan is a year-round destination – but despite its small size, you’ll find wide variations in climate, often reliant on the topography: Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum all lie well over 800m above sea level, Dana and Ajloun are even higher (up to 1500m), whereas the Dead Sea lies […]

Tours from Aqaba Tours from Aqaba Why Jordan A peaceful haven in a troubled Middle East. Jordan is one of the most liberal nations in the region. Women may wear regular clothing without harassment in any part of Jordan. Western fashions are popular among young Jordanian women. However, modest clothing should be worn in religious […]

Petra is the treasure of ancient world, hidden behind an almost impenetrable barrier of rugged mountains, boasting incomparable scenes that make it the most majestic and imposing ancient site still-standing nowadays.. It has been said “perhaps there is nothing in the world that resembles it”, actually, for sure, there is nothing in the world that […]

Museums in Jordan The Amman Archaeological Museum was built in 1951 on the Citadel Hill in Amman. It houses artefacts from all the archaeological sites in the country. The collection is arranged in chronological order and represents ancient items of daily life such as pottery, glass, flint and metal tools, as well as monumental materials […]

Movies filmed in jordan MoviesHollywood and The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan were made for each other. This tiny Middle Eastern nation, wedged between Iraq, Syria, Israel and Saudi Arabia, has long attracted some of the world’s most famous film directors, lured by its fascinating combination of well-preserved ruins and breathtaking scenery. For Hollywood, a journey […]

There are over thirty main diving sites in Aqaba, most of them suitable for all levels of competence. Aqaba is all fringing reef stretching for a distance of over 25kms right down to the Saudi Arabian border, there are no off-shore reefs. The reef starts literally at the waters edge and extends like the fingers …

Museums Entrance Fees in Jordan Museum Name JD Fils  Notes Phone Amman Archaeological Museum 2 000 064638795 Jordan Folklore Museum 1 000 064651742 Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions 1 000 064651760 Madaba Archaeological Park &Museum 3 000 053244056 The Royal Automobile Museum 3 000 Free For children under 12 years 065411392 Jerash Archaeological Museum 8 […]