Movies filmed in jordan

MoviesHollywood and The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan were made for each other. This tiny Middle Eastern nation, wedged between Iraq, Syria, Israel and Saudi Arabia, has long attracted some of the world’s most famous film directors, lured by its fascinating combination of well-preserved ruins and breathtaking scenery. For Hollywood, a journey through Jordan can feel like stepping onto an epic Cecil B. DeMille film set.

Movies filmed in jordan - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in Jordan

● From City Of Stone To Temple Of Doom..Movies filmed in jordan

MoviesIn the final installment of the Indiana Jones trilogy, Indy’s quest for the Grail reaches its climax in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon and the Holy Temple (secret home to the Grail); in reality, Al Khazneh (Arabic for Treasury), the colossal rock-cut royal memorial and tomb that has become the symbol of Petra.
Once the commercial crossroads of the ancient world, Petra was founded in the seventh century BC as a hideout for the Nabataeans, a secretive nomadic desert tribe that plundered camel caravans plying the overland trade route between the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean coast.
Over time, these desert highwaymen realized it was easier and far more profitable to guarantee the caravan’s safe passage – in exchange for a hefty toll, than to rob them. They grew preposterously rich, first from their protection racket, then from trading silks, spices, gold, gemstones, ivory and textiles from as far away as India and China. Their capital of Petra became a bustling nexus of commerce and culture.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in Jordan
The Nabataeans poured their vast wealth into fashioning a city entirely from stone, importing Greek artisans to carve nearly 3,000 elaborate temples, tombs and dwellings. But overland trade routes eventually shifted, sea routes opened and the commercial crossroads of the ancient world gradually fell into decline. By the time the Christian crusaders abandoned their cliff top outpost in the 13th century, Europe was in full retreat from the Arab world. The gulf between cultures would last hundreds of years, in which time Petra, concealed from outsiders by labyrinthine desert terrain, disappeared from most maps and became truly lost.Movies filmed in jordan
Over five centuries passed before Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt, disguised as a Muslim scholar, “rediscovered” Petra in 1812 en route to exploring the source of Africa’s Niger River. Burckhardt’s discovery sparked a Western infatuation with Petra. Today, with over 400,000 visitors a year, it rivals Egypt’s pyramids as the Middle East’s most famous tourist attraction.Movies filmed in jordan

Movies filmed in jordan - Ridley Scot's: 'The Kingdom of Heaven'

● Heaven in The KingdomMovies filmed in jordan

Movies“We must meet Saladin before he reaches Karak,” declares Baldwin IV, the so-called Leper King, in Ridley Scott’s sword and sandal epic, Kingdom of Heaven. Set in the late 1180s, during the fragile Christian-Muslim truce that preceded the Third Crusade, the film tells the story of a young blacksmith named Balian (Orlando Bloom) who ventures from his small French village to the Holy Land. There, he becomes a crusader knight and ends up as defender of Christian-held Jerusalem against Sultan Saladin’s Muslim army.
In the movie, much of the action takes place at the Crusader fortress of Karak. Completed in 1161, after 20 years of construction, this magnificent example of Crusader architecture withstood several Muslim sieges before it came under the control of Reynald de Chatillon (Brendan Gleason in the film). He was so notorious for his cruelty that Saladin personally beheaded him after the Battle of Hattin in 1187. That defeat marked the beginning of the end of Crusader power.Movies filmed in jordan
Kingdom of Heaven - kerak scene - jordanToday, as it did almost nine centuries ago, Karak castle dominates the surrounding landscape. Located 124 kilometres south of Amman, near the southern end of the Dead Sea, this crumbling icon of the age of chivalry casts a dominant shadow on the adjacent town, still largely Christian that shares its name.Movies filmed in jordan
Beneath Karak Castle’s massive stone walls and towers are dimly-lit rooms and corridors connected by low arches and doorways. Perhaps the Middle East’s most impressive remaining example of Crusader architecture, Karak once anchored a string of desert outposts, each a day’s journey from the next. At night, beacons lit at each castle signaled “all’s well” to Christian-held Jerusalem.Movies filmed in jordan

Lawrence of Arabia-1962● Land Of Sand, Silence & Lawrence

MoviesBest known because of its connection with the enigmatic British officer T.E. Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917-18, Wadi Rum is the epitome of desert romance. It’s a chimerical maze of twisting canyons and towering sandstone and granite cliffs that rise out of the scorching Arabian Desert. This mesmerizing desert wasteland is also home to several Bedouin tribes who live in scattered camps throughout the area where much of David Lean’s 1962 Oscar-winning biopic Lawrence of Arabia was filmed.Movies filmed in jordan

Chief gateway is the village of Rum, headquarters of the renowned Desert Patrol. In the distance, shimmering in the intense heat, rise the seven stacked columns of a mountain Lawrence named the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, also the title of his autobiography.Movies filmed in jordan
Lawrence of Arabia-1962Today, Wadi Rum is a magnet for adventurous trekkers and rock climbers; keen to tackle vertical walls up to 1,500 metres high, with grades of up to 6. Overnight or multi-day camel, horse and jeep safaris depart daily from Rum, venturing far into canyons where well-equipped campsites await, offering typical Bedouin feasts and musical entertainment. Weary trekkers can choose to bunk down after a hard day on the dunes inside spacious, airy tents. Or outside, wrapped in blankets round the campfire.
Drifting off to sleep under a canopy of stars, enveloped in the infinite silence of an Arabian Desert night, it isn’t hard to imagine why a place that Lawrence described as “vast, echoing and Godlike” has captivated not only generations of travellers, but also some of Hollywood’s greatest directors. Download Seven Pillars of Wisdom T. E. Lawrence.

●  Revenge of the FallenMovies filmed in jordan

Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen-wadi Rum-Jordan

MoviesWith a total crew of 160 technicians – 60 sourced locally and the remainder from overseas – the “Transformers” shoot was a huge challenge for Jordan’s Royal Film Commission. The complete support of the commission’s chairman, Prince Ali, helped the org meet the challenge. The Jordanian Air Force was enlisted to aid the shoot as Bay lensed in the ancient city of Petra.
“We were able to get Michael Bay and his crew up to the top of a mountain in Petra by sunrise and back down again by sunset with the help of five helicopters from the air force,” says the Royal Film Commission’s George David. “No one has ever shot there before.”
Movies filmed in jordan - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in Petra - JordanBay also lensed in the valley area of Wadi Rum as well as the famously fertile city of Salt.Movies filmed in jordan
“The entire experience of being in Jordan, from our scouts months ago to our recently completed shoot, has been a total creative and production success,” says Bay. “The people have been incredibly welcoming, the film commission was a hugely helpful daily presence, and the country, especially Petra, inspired everyone in the cast and crew.”Movies filmed in jordan

Movies filmed in jordan - Body of Lies - 2008 by Ridley Scott JordanUrgency does not call for changing methods that work, for methods that do not work.
“Body of Lies”Movies filmed in jordan

MoviesThe CIA is watching you. No, seriously. America’s top intelligence agency has prying eyes everywhere. They know your every move; hear your every word; and will use your personal details to their advantage.
At least that is to be believed according to Ridley Scott’s hi-tech, Middle East set, espionage thriller, Body of Lies.Movies
Leonardo Di Caprio stars as undercover CIA operative Roger Ferris. Two things are clear after watching Di Caprio’s performance: he excels in playing conflicted characters under duress; and he has perfected the art of talking Body of Lies-2008-spy film-Ridley Scott.into a cell phone.Movies filmed in jordan
He paces with it, cocks it to the side, and shouts obscenities through it like a second language. And he has every right to be angry. His character, Farris, has been languishing in the Middle East for several years, gathering intelligence for his handler, Ed Hoffman.
Hoffman is played by frequent Scott collaborator Russell Crowe, complete with crew cut and “round” physique (which Crowe gained 27kg to achieve). If Crowe resembles a slimy toad that is because his character is just that: slimy. While his best field agent juggles with treachery, torture, and death on a daily basis, Hoffman maneuvers his men like chess pieces from the comfort of his upper class, suburban dwelling.Movies
Body of Lies- Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark StrongAnd while Hoffman views the Middle East as the home of his enemies (and nothing more), Ferris has grown to love its culture and its people, save for those trying to kill him and blow up the western world.
Number one on that list is the Osama Bin Laden esque Al-Saleem, played by Alan Abutbul. He has already orchestrated bombings is England and the Netherlands, and has his eyes set for even bigger destruction. As he preaches to his minions: “As we bleed, so they must bleed, until they are bled out”.Movies
In order to find Al-Saleem, Hoffman places Ferris in several Middle Eastern hot spots. Among them: Baghdad; Dubai; and Jordan, which is the focal setting in the movie (the film was shot in Morocco). Once there, Ferris is given complete control over ground operations, and in doing so involves the Jordanian secret service.Movies
Enter Mark Strong as the elegant, yet lethal Head of Jordanian intelligence, Hani. Strong does a bang up job with his part, leaving an undeniable impression at the films conclusion, which is quite a feat considering the talent involved.
Jordan also plays an important backdrop towards Farris’ personal life, falling in love with local nurse Aisha, played by Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, who in real life has refused to return to Iran,
citing fears for her safety.Movies
Body of Lies is based on the novel by The Washington Post journalist David Ignatius, and was adapted by William Monahan, who worked with Scott previously on Kingdom of Heaven, and won an Oscar for The Departed.

Movies filmed in jordan

Jeremy Renner - the hurt locker● The Hurt LockerMovies filmed in jordan

Among the award-winning productions filmed in Jordanian lands, is The Hurt Locker. The movie tells the story of a bomb squad sent to the Iraq War.
The movie was shot in Jordan, a few kilometers from the border with Iraq, to ​​achieve the goal of the director which was to make the scene as authentic as possible. Iraqi refugees were used for the extras.
The producers looked for locations in Morocco, but the director Kathryn Bigelow felt the cities do not resemble Baghdad. Besides, she wanted to get as close to the war zone as possible. Some of the sites were less than three miles from the border with Iraq. The intention, at first, was that the filming happened in Iraqi land, but no one could guarantee their safety there.
It was nominated in nine categories at the 82nd Academy Awards and won in six: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing. Bigelow became the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Director and The Hurt Locker is to date, the lowest-grossing film to win Best Picture.
Movies filmed in jordan


The chain of department store Riachuelo launched the Jordan Spring/Summer Collection, and the photo shoot and advertising videos were made in places such as Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.
Movies filmed in jordan

Movies filmed in jordan

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