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We create wonderful, innovative and cost effective travel programs and tours, we provide tours for all and any, starting with individuals ending with very large groups, accommodated with their own drivers, guides who are expert tour guides, they are personable, knowledgeable men and women with interesting academic and professional backgrounds, As well as we cover the most famous sights in Jordan, we pride ourselves on also showing our clients authentic, less “touristy” sights with excellent local guides. Wonders Travel & Tourism works with hundreds of Travel Agents around the world that they are grateful and very satisfied; never the less; you still have to see the stuff your eyes!Jordan tours

Jordan tours with Wonders T&T highlight the countries rich history, archaeological treasures and magnificent scenery. A visit to Petra, one of The Seven Wonders of the World or a jeep tour through the majestic rock formations of Wadi Rum make touring Jordan a once on a lifetime experience. Our expert  guides will lead you through the ancient sites of Jordan. Your personal travel safety is paramount and always taken into consideration. Travel in good company, knowing that every detail has been orchestrated and arranged for your comfort and pleasure.Jordan tours – tours to Jordan

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Tours FAQs

Why is this tour less expensive than the other operators?
•  We are supported and controlled by ASEZA (Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority).
•  We get our booking direct from our clients, no intermediate channel managers, thus you’re getting product right from the source, and hence our advertising/marketing costs are lower. Other companies advertise elsewhere and pay commissions and hence charge you more.
•  Our mission is to provide you with a memorable experience of the real Jordan; we want you to carry home the image of the Amazing Jordan to remind you of our remarkable country – exciting, exotic, interesting and unforgettable. We really care that you will be more than satisfied with our services because we want you to book with Wonders T&T again and recommend us to your friends. This is our profit and advertisement. 
Does the tour cost include taxes?
All the mentioned rates are in US Dollars and including; 10% services charge, 16% government tax. 
Will my driver be my guide?
No, Driver can’t be the tour guide at the same time.
Your driver will not be a certified guide. Drivers have a lot of information about the country, traditions and the sites in general, but they are not professional certified guides. Even if the driver speaks fluent English, it is also impossible to have your driver to be your tour guide at the same time. This is just the rule of Wonders Travel and Tourism. 
Will I be charged before arrival? What are your payment terms?
 For Packages (Multi-day & Extended Tours):
After we send you the confirmation of services for your tour, we will require your credit card details to be faxed to us in order to secure your booking. Your card will not be charged unless in case of cancellation made less than 21 days before arrival . This would cover the 25% cancellation fees imposed by the hotels and service providers.
For trips (One day tour):
Payment is settled in Jordan (due at the tour day prior departure) by Cash (USD or Euros) or credit card. We accept Visa Card. Please note that there is a 4% surcharge on credit card payments.
Can i book my accommodation through other sources, and book my trips (one day tours) upon arrival with you?
Yes, you can!
But please consider: Reservations are accepted up to 2 business days prior to tour date; Cruise ship tourists- up to 3 business days prior to tour date.
Can I cancel booked products? What is the cancellation policy?
We don’t charge any cancellation fees for our services, but hotels have their own cancellation policy, so in case of cancellation we will charge hotel cancellation charges as per their cancellation policy only.
For packages (Multi-day & Extended Tours):
If cancellation is made up to 21 days prior to arrival, no charge will be applied.
A 25% charge will be applied for cancellations made less than 21 days prior to arrival. Some changes to these rules may apply during the peak season.
For trips (One day tour):
Free Cancellation.
What happens if there is a rate/offer change?
Managing such revisions would be our responsibility. You would not be required to pay any extra.
How far in advance should I reserve my tour?
As far ahead as possible, up to 90 days.
Petra is one of Jordan’s most popular attractions and tours frequently sell out 2-3 days or more in advance, especially in high seasons.
Do I need to bring my passport on the tours?
For “one day tour to Petra“, you may take your passport, or any other proof that you are in Jordan, for more than 24 hours E.g. a key of your accommodation would be a proof. In other day tours, bringing passport is not required.
For packages (Multi-day & Extended Tours): you are going to move in Jordan obviously with your passport.
What’s the weather like?
The most comfortable seasons, weather-wise, are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November).
At these times, temperatures are pleasantly warm, with highs around 30C. The wildflowers are out and the angled sunshine highlights texture and color in the desert rocks. Summer temperatures (between late May and early September) can be blistering, often reaching 40C or more. In winter (from late November to late February) Desert in Jordan (Petra, Wadi Rum ..) gets very cold, with rain and occasional snow: it’s rarely more than 15C, with temperatures often dropping below freezing at night.
How should I dress?
There is no dress code for Jordan. Generally: When planning your clothing needs (particularly women), remember that you will be travelling in a Muslim country, though not a very conservative one.
Four tours, our recommendations:
For summer months: cotton shirt or T-shirt, shorts (not too short!!), hat & comfortable walking shoes or good sturdy sandals. For winter months: Warm clothes in layers (easy to take off as you walk along and warm up) comfortable walking shoes. Keep in mind that during winter months (October – March) it may rain & even snow.
Do I Have To Tip?
Tipping is not a must but will be greatly appreciated. Since it is a personal matter, please do not feel uneasy about it. What or when you choose to tip depends entirely on how you rate a service but you are not under any obligation to do so. But we suggest you tipping those who have been especially kind and done extra service for you.
Do I have to ride the horse into Petra?
The horseback ride upon entry to Petra is included in Petra entry fee price, but the ride is optional. The horseback ride is very short (about 700 m’ / 2100 ft.) and goes from the gate till the opening of the Siq – the narrow gorge. You can chose not to ride the horse and simply walk along with the guide. If you chose to ride the horse, keep in mind that you have to tip the horseman  – if you don’t tip the horseman he will not let you off the horse 🙂 !
What about visas and entry formalities?
Most nationalities can obtain visas at any border, port or airport EXCEPT the King Hussein (Allenby) bridge, which requires a pre-issued visa. Some nationalities require visas in advance.
Single Entry visas valid for two months: USD 57.00.
Double Entry visas valid for three months: USD 85.00.
Multiple Entry visas valid for six months: USD 170.00.
Groups consisting of 5 persons and over will be granted a free collective visa if they spend a minimum of three nights in the kingdom.

Jordan Tours

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