One of the first things that you should definitely do before you visit Jordan is getting the Jordan Pass. The ministry of tourism of Jordan issues the pass and it will help you save enough money even in case you are on a short trip. The reason for such a statement is the fact that this pass is inclusive of the entrance fee that you are supposed to pay for Petra as well as the fee that you are supposed to pay in order to get your visa.

Visiting the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoParkSharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark

Also known as SHE EcoPark, the park was started by an entity named the Friends of the Earth Middle East.

It happens to be a natural retreat that has also found a high amount of favor from the locals as well as the tourists. This one is a rehabilitated park and its landscape is really beautiful.

Here you would find the following:

  • walking trails
  • air-conditioned (AC) cabins
  • bike rentals
  • Ziqlab lake and dam
  • shaded picnic areas
  • a playing area
  • campsite

You can get here pretty easily from Amman and be absolutely sure that your effort would surely be worth it. It is here that you would get a proper taste of the country as such. You need to cross the Sheikh Hussein border in order to get here and as such the cabins are a great place to get some rest overnight.


Visiting the museums

Jordan has a number of museums that you must visit. The first name among them is the Jordan Museum. It has been opened of late only but it happens to be a must-see attraction. The museum is pretty well organized and depicts the history of the country from the prehistoric times till the modern era. There is a separate section that has been dedicated to the Dead Sea scrolls. In fact, over here you can write your name in five separate languages that belong to the antiquity. Similarly, you must also visit the Children Museum and the Royal Automobile Museum.


Visiting Ian

This is ideal in case your family does not have any kids as such. Located at Prince Mohammad Street in Amman this area is also known as the windows of Jordan. This is basically the downtown market area over here and the most notable attractions over here are the spice markets and the vegetable markets.

The spice markets over here are owned by people known as Attareen. The term Attar means someone who produces perfumes. They have inherited this profession from their family and they primarily deal in spices. As a result of the extensive knowledge being handed down through generations, they are able to tell you the use of each and every herb and spice sold by them. There was a time when they were regarded as doctors as well.


Visiting the Dead Sea

You should also visit the Dead Sea and experience floating without being afraid of whether you would be drowned or not.


Visiting Jerash

During the Roman Empire period, Jerash was a Roman town known as Gerasa. It owed much of its rise to the iron ore and its flourishing agriculture. This is one of the few temperate areas in the country that happen to be naturally blessed. Thanks to all the wealth of that time the city now boasts of architectural treasures. There is an oval Forum, which in itself is quite unique.


Visiting Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, a protected area, happens to be one of the top travel destinations over here in Jordan. It gives you a taste of the desert area of this country and acts as an alternative to eyes that have been seeing only the architectural sites of this magnificent country. It is located in the southern part of the country and is known for its rock formations and high cliffs.


Visiting Petra

Petra is said to be the highlight of the entire Middle East, let alone Jordan. This city is mysterious and sublime at the same time – a combination as delectable as any. As far as the ancient architecture of this part of the world is concerned there is hardly anything else that can even come close. Once upon a time, it used to be an important stoppage in the trading route of Romans.


Visiting the Al-Deir monastery

The Al-Deir monastery is there at Petra. It is a magnificent structure and is matched only by the Treasury in that particular regard. It was constructed during the first century but at the time of its construction, it was not supposed to be a monastery at all. It was supposed to be an important place for the followers of the cult of Obodas.


Visiting Siq

Siq is basically a narrow fissure and when you walk through it you feel a sense of anticipation and mystery build in you. This corridor resembles a canyon in so many aspects. Part of it is natural and the rest has been done by the Nabataeans. It is supposed to be the entrance to Petra and covers a distance of almost 1.2 kilometers walking it is said to be one of the most memorable things in one’s life.


Visiting the Treasury

In Arabic, the Treasury is also known as AL Khazneh. This treasury is located within the Jordan gem of Petra and is a remarkable location as well. It stays hidden behind plenty of sandstones in warm colors. Even in this wonderful site the Treasury stands out owing to its height of 131 feet. It is said that this was built at somewhere around 1st century BC. It also happens to be one of the most detailed temples of the country.


Visiting the Ajloun Castle

The castle was built between 1184 and 1188 on the ruined remains of a monastery. In Arabic, it is known as Qala’At AR-Rabad. It is located on the Jabal Auf hill in northern Jordan and looks over the countryside. It was constructed by an Arab general named Azz ad-Din Usama.


Author : Sarah Bennett.

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