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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which once captivated ancient travellers, continues to enthral a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation. Blog – Insdie jordan

From the haunting, primeval starkness of Wadi Rum, to the teeming centre of urban Amman, from the majestic ruins of bygone civilizations to the timeless splendour of the Dead Sea, Jordan is unveiled as a unique destination offering breathtaking and mysterious sights, high standard accommodations, exquisite cuisine and countless activities that can provide visitors with inspiration, motivation, and rejuvenation. Blog – Insdie jordan

Marveling at herds of gazelles and oryx and migrating birds, camping amidst the grandeur of Wadi Rum or Dana Reserve, trekking the ancient caravan trails from the highlands of Moab and Edom, hiking the wooded hills of biblical Gilead, or experiencing the unique, cleansing mud baths of the Dead Sea are just a few examples of the treasures awaiting visitors to this unique kingdom. Blog – Insdie jordan

The new stream of luxury hotels emerging in Amman, Petra, Aqaba and the Dead Sea is just adding quality to a refined product that is distinct, accessible and friendly; a product that is home to a new display of modern meeting facilities and unique venues for incentive travel as well. Blog – Insdie jordan

Whether it is a conference for 5000 people, a lavish dinner in the peerless desert of Wadi Rum, a barbecue at the shores of the Dead Sea, or a reception atop a medieval castle overlooking the Jordan Valley, the amicable and competent people of Jordan will ensure a once in a lifetime memorable experience.

Blog – Insdie jordan

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Blog – Insdie jordan
Blog – Insdie jordan

FAQs about visiting Jordan

Blog – Insdie jordan
Is Jordan Safe?
Jordan is very safe.
Jordan is one of the most liberal nations in the region. Even during these times of hostilities between neighbour countries, Jordan remains one of the safest places in the world to visit. Because Jordan relies mainly on its tourism industry for revenues, the government takes tourism and the safety of tourists extremely seriously.
What to Wear?
While Jordan is a progressive Muslim country it is still conservative at heart.
The general rule of thumb, for women, is the less skin showing the less attention you will draw to yourself. Tightness, on the other hand, is not as much of a faux pas as showing skin in this culture. It’s recommended to pack layers. During the fall and winter seasons it can go from hot to cold in an instant if you find yourself in the shade as well as in the evenings.
What to Take ?
  • Comfortable lightweight walking boots.
  • Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing appropriate to warm conditions.
  • Sunhat or head dress that also covers the neck.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun protection lotion.
  • Water flask.
  • Spare camera batteries, you’ll be taking a lot of photos!
Where to Go?
In a week you can see the highlights of Jordan but two weeks or more would be much more leisurely. There are many places that we would have loved to stay longer. Read More in Jordan Sites
Visa to jordan
The cost of one entry visa to Jordan:

Single Entry visas valid for two months: 40 JOD (approximately 56 USD)
Double Entry visas valid for three months: 60 JOD (approximately 85 USD)
Multiple Entry visas valid for six months: 120 JOD (approximately 170 USD)

Groups of five persons or more arriving through a designated Jordanian tour operator with a government certified tour guide are exempt from all visa charges, provided the group arrives and departs together as well as stay a minimum of 3 nights in Jordan. Read More in Jordan in details

Do I Need to Speak Arabic?
The national language of Jordan is Arabic. But most Jordanians speak English, especially in urban area such as Amman.
French and German are the second and third most popular languages after English. You might encounter some Caucasian and Armenian languages because of the vast number of Caucasian immigrants that arrived during the early 1900s.
How’s the Internet?
Telephone services and internet within Jordan are efficient and reliable. Directories in Arabic and English are widely available and international calls can be made from public and private phones. Card-operated phones , USB Broadband sticks, can be found throughout most of the larger cities, towns and tourist destinations and the cards themselves are easy to purchase locally.
Is there none-historical side of jordan ?
Jordan is an excellent illustration to the Middle East. From dramatic landscapes and adventurous activities, to delicious food and friendly people, there are many reasons to visit Jordan and we hope our guide will help you plan your own trip to the country. This tiny Middle Eastern nation, has long attracted some of the world’s most famous film directors ..
Read More in Movies filmed in jordan
What is the weather like in Jordan?
Jordan is a year-round destination – but despite its small size, you’ll find wide variations in climate, often reliant on the topography: Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum all lie well over 800m above sea level, Dana and Ajloun are even higher (up to 1500m), whereas the Dead Sea lies 400m below sea level. The same January day could have you throwing snowballs in Ajloun or topping up your tan on the Red Sea beaches. Read More in Weather in Jordan
Can I Drink the Water?
Although Jordanians drink water freely from the tap, you might prefer not to: it is chlorinated strongly enough not to do you any harm (it just tastes bad), but the pipes it runs through add a quantity of rust and filth you could do without. All hotels above three stars have water filtration systems in place, which help. Bottles of mineral water, both local and imported, are available inexpensively in all corners of the country. A standard 1.5-litre size costs roughly JD0.40 if you buy it individually, less if you buy a six-pack from a supermarket or grocery. Expect to pay more in out-of-the-way places – JD2 or so inside Petra. Check that the seal is unbroken before you buy. Inexpensive diners always have jugs of tap water (my aadi) on the table, but in restaurants waiters will quite often bring an overpriced bottle of mineral water to your table with the menu – which you’re quite entitled to reject. Recycling facilities for plastics are few and far between.
How’s the Food? Is it Vegetarian Friendly?
Jordanian food is influenced by its neighbours such as Lebanon and Palestine and it’s delicious. Meals start with many small dishes called mezze mostly consisting of salads and dips served with bread .. Read More in Food and Drink In Jordan

Blog – Insdie jordan

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